Taurus and Taurus Love Compatibility

So, here we come to yet another 1-1 pairing. The mirror effect and all applies, yes, but there’s much more to this couple of two equally stubborn, headstrong Earth people. And, that is what makes this combo a powerful one!
Most Bulls, true to their symbol, are sturdy, robust beings, and possess an excellent physique and health; and, display no willingness to waste energy unnecessarily. That’s not to say that they are lazy – NO, they are not. But, they are definitely slower, measured in their stances, and very careful in their reactions. Besides, the sensual beings, they take their own sweet time to touch, feel, hear, see (from all directions), and even taste (if possible), before deciding and giving their verdict.
In fact, Bulls can be so placid and slow in their reactions, depending on sensory responses on everything, they may even be compared to little kids. However, they are shrewd enough to nicely mask their Earthly caution under this garb of slow yet steady stream of reactions. Although Bulls are seldom caught in quick movement, and wasting energy is a sin to them, when faced with a challenge or a reason to be angers, they are simply ferocious. Indefatigable in view of pressures and testing times, Bulls can be unswerving in their fortitude and patience, and are often a picture of (sometimes frustrating) calmness even amidst chaos.
And, the reason why the Bull has so much strength is, because they conserve it like others conserve money. And, when two Bulls come together, it is difficult to get them into any kind of rapid action instantly. When they first meet, they will size each other up. They will then pick their respective places to sit, lie there for hours peacefully, not exchange any pleasantries and continue this way till they feel comfortable with each other. Bulls never open up, unless they are done carefully judging the newcomer. Not that they are arrogant or stubborn – just very firm in their conviction. They prefer always being sure, so that once they make up their minds, they won’t ever need to change it. To see it this way, it is only reasonable that they sticks to what, they know is right, especially after they have deliberated on it for hours (even days!).
The one thing absolutely true about the Taurus people is that they possess a sensual, musical soul. They either love to sing, dream about singing or adore listening to music. Now when these two musical souls come together, the association can be overwhelmingly peaceful and comforting. Each needs a generous dose and his/ her daily quota of reassuring by the way of physical gestures including touching, hugging, cuddling, snuggling et al (even if it’s a gentle touch/ pat, in a business, professional relationship), and the other shall be only too happy to comply. It’s Bull’s way of establishing and reciprocating the trust.
The Bulls will be unquestioningly loyal and devoted to each other, and will respect each-other’s boundaries and decisions, when in a relationship of any sort. However, considering that neither will talk or do much, or even initiate activity, their life may become a tad insipid, uninteresting and uneventful. Hence, save the truly inspired moments where either Bull is truly inspired, the life of two Bulls may become spark-less. And, some thrill every now and then won’t hurt anyone.
In fact, the natives of the zodiac sign Taurus are perennially suspicious (even scared) of change, because they are conservative to the t, and prefer following long-standing tradition and customs. Quick to react against any reform or change, Bulls hate disturbing the steady flow of life. Any Taurus person regards a radical change or interference with the established order as unwise and threatening. It is this very defence of established mores and respect for authority that often draws two Bulls together.
However, on the flip side, a major drawback of a Taurus-Taurus relationship is that if the two happen to fight, they will fight without compunction. Quick to take offence, and even quicker to react (yes – they are not slow when angry!), Bulls will invariably aim and shoot daggers at each other.
And, even when they realise they are wrong, they will obstinately stand by what they have said or done, unwilling to budge. This is bound to turn ugly, and may spell doom for this 1-1 relationship.
And, thus it will take a very mature, tactful or a gentler Bull (maybe with a Capricorn, Libra or Cancer Moon) to handle nicely another angry Bull. And, who knows, the smart one may even manage to extract a sorry from the other one. All in all, if the two Bulls decide to reign in their famous wrath, and give their lovely asses some fast paced work, they can really share a lovely bond – dependable, financially solid, cosy and placid.