Taurus and Virgo Love Compatibility

Both are Earth signs, both are known for their insistence (albeit for different things) and both love and crave stability and peace. It is but understandable that Taurus and Virgo won’t make a very bad couple. But, can it be so obvious and easy always? Not really!
Compatible to a certain extent, they do manage to tolerate or even admire each other’s natural tendencies. The Bull may receive open admiration from Virgo for their determination and perseverance, whereas the Virgins may be worshipped (though, never admittedly by Bulls) for their analytical, sharp minds.
But alas, like most other Zodiac sign pairs, this one, too, has its inherent flaws and fallouts. However admirable Taurus’ strength and ability to remain calm in the face of trouble be to Virgo, he/ she (Virgo) has little patience for Taurus’ slow, lazy ways and obstinate stands. In fact calling this dislike, sheer disdain won’t be wrong, for who can be better in demonstrating disdain than the meticulous Virgo. Taurus appreciates Virgin presence of mind, but is definitely intolerant towards Virgin tendency to dissect or even criticise everything.
When the two meet, they may not instantly take a liking to each other, due to these very reasons. But, if they survive the initial coldness, Bull and Virgo have it in them to get along extremely well, and may have a smooth sailing thereafter.
Besides, minus the differences, the two have sufficient reasons to enter into a pact for mutual benefit or even for simply becoming good friends. One thing uncommonly common between the two is common sense! Plus, the two will strongly hold on to their own principles, while the world goes to hell in frivolous frenzy. Of the two, Virgins are more the kind to keep their bitter memories alive. It keeps their bright mind busy. But, the Bulls consider it as a waste of time and find it silly to cling to the past. And yet, deep down their memory, they do nurse lessons learned in the days bygone. They try to forget, and they rarely forgive.
Incidentally, the Taurus people, who are extremely health conscious and constantly worried about something killing them, also have more complicated fears compared to the health conscious Virgo. It’s not so easy for anything to inspire fear in a Bull, not in the least on the physical plane. It’ll be hard for even the Lion to topple down Bull without sustaining some serious wounds itself. To sum it up, both Taurus and Virgo are passive, receptive, suspicious and somewhat fearful, but with one helluva integrity.
Although the Virgins appear to be calm on the face of it, their agile mind is always working out some problem and getting frustrated when things don’t happen as planned or is delayed for some reason. When they decide to take up something, they want it done their way and without any hurdles. But when they see it going all awry, it reflects in their behaviour, making them unapproachable. And in spite of all the hard work and fretting, Virgins usually don’t achieve what the Bulls do without putting in too much effort.
This is largely because Taurus is a fixed sign capable of building a strong foundation for any kind of relationship, be it business, family or friendship. Virgo, on the other hand, is a mutable sign, meaning those who change and move around to communicate between two people and to carry information back and forth. So while the Virgo people have the urge to work for the larger interest of the people and do some social work to mitigate chaos and bring some order, the Bulls prefer to retire in seclusion and unwind in peace.