Taurus man

taurus male
The Taurus man shows you that they love you without words, with sensual massages and a slow and careful sexual act that satisfies their need for well calculated sex.
The Taurus man is a godsend for women who prefer to do things slowly. He will spend hours in the foreplay or giving sensual massages.
It is also true that he will not like your changing his routine, but it is a small price compared to the hours of pleasure it will provide.

It will not be easy to tell if a Taurus is interested in you, since he takes his sweet time to approach women who stimulate his libido. He is able to wait long to get sexual satisfaction. Unfortunately, many Taurus sublimate their sexual desire to work hard because they lack courage to approach their potential partners.

Intimate affinities of a Taurus man

Signs of air and fire can be good partners for a vigorous Taurus man, but only if they are willing to take the first step and restrain their impatience. If these signs are able to wait long enough, the sexual land style of the Taurus will reward abundantly them, and perhaps they will appreciate the loyalty of a persevering man.

In general, the earth signs are compatible with Taurus, but the problem is the start of the relationship, since both wait for the other to take the initiative. Fortunately, Capricorn or Virgo women, faster, are empowered to take control.
In the case of two Taurus, although the momentum is powerful, there is a danger of ending up in the sexual inertia once routine is established. The Scorpio woman, the opposite sign of Taurus, has a strong sexual drive and can be just what a Taurus needs to turn on in bed.

taurus men

George Clooney is Taurus.