Taurus woman

Taurus women

Jessica Alba is Taurus.

The Taurus woman prefers a soft approach to sex. She waits for the other to take the first step. She has a strong libido but will not bother to seek for sex. She prefers to be the object of desire and the other party to make the effort.
However, when she is interested, she emits clear signals. Do not hesitate to declare to this so direct woman. She knows what to do to meet her needs.
Woe to the man who is not up to her expectations!
The Taurus woman will give away nibbles at the height of the most demanding “gourmet” for a very slow and sensual act. It is not surprising, then, that the neck is her erogenous zone.

Intimate affinities of a Taurus woman

With such a strong libido, the sensitive Taurus woman prefers the signs with the same physical wavelength. She is too practical to be given to the emotional games of a Pisces man, water sign, or to get lost in the erotic fantasies and air Gemini. However, she will appreciate the dominant Capricorn man or Scorpio man who are tough enough to claim her and possess enough sexual energy to satisfy her once conquered. These faithful signs can satisfy her need for a lasting relationship.
Aries man is too insistent, unless he is willing to slow down a bit. She prefers the relaxed approach of Libra man, perhaps the right man to stimulate her sexual appetite bringing her to a new delirium. If a Taurus woman is looking for a challenge she may dare with a Leo man.
The biggest challenge is to divert attention from Leo to himself and to make her focus on sexual satisfaction. When these two signs tune, they can learn from each other.
Taurus can intensify the sensual pleasure of Leo, while Leo can teach sober Taurus how to have fun in bed. The result could be a mutual ecstasy.