Virgo man

Feeling sexually attracted, the Virgo man leaves his meticulous and organized personality to become a passionate sexual creature, lover of experimentation.

The Virgo man is a workaholic and a perfectionist, and it is a miracle he finds time for sex.
He is not a born womanizer so he needs clear signals to take the first step.

However, he may launch at the appropriate time to flirtation and he possess the sex drive characteristic of this land sign, suitable to satisfy his partner.

In bed, he is very flexible and adaptable, and is entirely willing to try what his partner want (within certain limits).

Intimate affinities of a Virgo man

A Virgo man, cold and aseptic and who hates to feel upset, may experience a rare burning heat for an abandoned Aries woman sexuality, who is not afraid to take charge and prefers to be on top, something that can excite this man something passive.

A Capricorn, very sure of herself, may make the have the same effect, since before a Virgo gentleman she feels safe and is carried away. The Taurus woman enjoy the lasting power of a Virgo … if she first makes the effort to draw him toward her. Virgo approaches the Leo and Sagittarius women with caution.

He can get burned, but like a moth around light, he is attracted again and again by the women of these signs. When he finally gathers enough courage, these two signs arouse his passion. The classic partner for Virgo is Pisces.

The encounter of opposites can open Virgo eyes to new sexual frontiers. Virgo can be very obsessive; therefore, the fetishist preferences and fantasies of Pisces may arouse him. However, these two signs are incompatible outside the bedroom.

So, make sure that sex is not the only thing that unites the two of you. Other water signs are often too emotional for a Virgo man. He cannot stand sentimentality, so Cancer is ruled out. Moreover, it is likely that Scorpio woman scare him with the depth of her passion.

Virgo male

Richard Gere is Virgo.