August 11 Zodiac

Leo – Fire

Action, inspiration, and creativity are some of the qualities associated with your birthday. With a pioneering spirit, you are an interesting mixture of idealism and a desire for money and status. As a Leo, you have charm and vitality, and with your friendly and gregarious personality, you are often described by others as an optimistic extrovert.
The sub influence of your decanate ruler, Sagittarius, implies that because you are idealistic yet practical, you usually have the vision and ingenuity to turn your dreams into reality. This influence also indicates that your decisive attitude can be an important factor in your ability to overcome obstacles and periods of adversity. Jupiter’s effect also points out that you have some exceedingly good ideas that can bring financial rewards.

The strong emphasis on relationships and partnerships linked to your birthday implies that although you can be mentally determined and single-minded, you may need to learn the art of compromise in order to benefit from what others have to offer. Friendly and enterprising, with a fondness for material comforts, you frequently seek associations that can bring you gain and further advancement. Lack of funds or a fear of not having enough money, however, can influence your otherwise good prospects, and you must avoid being materialistic or ruthless.
From the age of eleven, when your progressed Sun moves into Virgo for thirty years, there is an increasing need for a practical approach to life. You may gradually desire to become more efficient and discriminating with your time and energy. There is a turning point for you at the age of forty-one, when your progressed Sun enters Libra. At this time you may want to become more involved in your close personal relationships and may turn from practical considerations to more aesthetic ones. When you are age seventy-one, your progressed Sun enters Scorpio, and you may experience a new period of emotional change and transformation.

An ability to communicate your creative thoughts attracts you to artistic people. You are warm, friendly, and highly sociable. In your personal relationships you are especially drawn by powerful and intelligent individuals, although you may have to be careful not to become involved in arguments with loved ones. You are likely to be extremely generous with those you love and can be very loyal as a friend and lover. Usually willing to work hard to keep a relationship alive, you still need to keep some form of personal freedom.