August 21 Zodiac

Leo – Fire

Eager to achieve and action-oriented, you are a dynamic and versatile Leo with an ambitious nature and strong instincts. Usually proud and mentally quick, you are curious and determined to get your own way. Your optimistic outlook and spirit of enterprise urge you to live life to the fullest. This enthusiasm also suggests that you need to express your individuality in a creative way.
Although the subinfluence of your decanate ruler, Aries, adds vitality and drive to your personality, it also implies that you can act hastily or become bored easily. You may need to avoid being impulsive and initiating projects without planning in advance. The great potential indicated by your birthday also implies that you need to positively channel your energies to overcome your tendency to be dissatisfied.

You usually need constant mental stimulation and can entertain others with your quick wit and lively repartee. With your persuasive speech and sense of the dramatic, you can usually get your way by enchanting others. You do not suffer fools easily, however, and at times you can be too outspoken, selfish, or arrogant. Although you are multitalented and enjoy being active, you can gain from developing one particular skill and are likely to find great advantages through education and learning.

At the beginning of your life your progressed Sun moves into the sign of Virgo. Over the next thirty years you are apt to be influenced by this sign’s qualities of practicality, criticism, and perfectionism. You may gradually become interested in being more efficient in your work environment. At the age of thirty-one you reach a turning point as your progressed Sun enters Libra. This brings a growing awareness of the importance of your relationships. Your creative abilities are enhanced, and you may be drawn to develop latent musical, artistic, or literary interests. When you reach the age of sixty-one, your progressed Sun enters Scorpio to highlight issues of personal power and transformation. This influence can also deepen your awareness and feelings.

Witty and entertaining, you have a bright personality. Being friendly, you are a good mixer and inclined to have an active social life. You can be an excellent host and stimulating company. Drawn toward independent and successful people, when in a relationship you usually need to be free and self-reliant. One side of your love nature is very dramatic and loving, yet another may be secretive or suspicious, though you are liable to be very protective of your family or those in your care.
Linked to your Sun’s degree, this star imparts ambition, power and authority, and opportunities to rise to high positions in government and large corporations. If you do not have a position of prominence, you probably have influential friends. This star suggests that you should be kind to others on your way up, as you are likely to meet them on your way down.