December 14 Zodiac

Sagittarius – Fire

Even though you’re a restless and idealistic Sagittarian who yearns for journey, vacation, and excitement, your common sense and need for steadiness and protection indicate that you are also shrewd and observant. Even so, your wish for assortment and change suggests that you are not prone to relaxation in your laurels and accept less than the greatest.

The impact of your decanate ruler, Leo, provides towards your self-confidence, and using an optimistic spirit and enthusiasm, you can have several noble or lofty ideas. Outspoken, you always have strong convictions and opinions that need to have to be expressed. Lively, with good organizational skills, you are happier working or organizing instead than squandering your strength on trivial pursuits. While you want to set a stable foundation and make from there, you’ll be able to also reward from working on ideals or long-term tasks that you believe in.

Clever and intuitive, you understand ways to take advantage of any data at your disposal. Influenced by knowledge and wanting information, you often acquire up education and learning to avoid you from turning out to be bored. This means you could benefit from checking out philosophy and spirituality. Regardless of whether your research is self-directed or conventional, you love all kinds of psychological pursuits that permit you to expand your horizons.

While you’re among ages eight and thirty-seven, your progressed Sun moves through Capricorn. This delivers a expanding want for useful order and composition into your daily life, gradually making you more goal-oriented and liable. There exists a turning level at age thirty-eight when your progressed Sun moves into Aquarius, highlighting a motivation for independence, progressive ideas, and expressing your individuality. Yet another transform of emphasis occurs at age sixty-eight, once your progressed Solar moves into Pisces, accenting problems with emotional sensitivity, imagination, and psychic recognition.