December 28 Zodiac

Capricorn – Earth

The influence of your birthday suggests that you are a charming and intelligent Capricorn who is sensitive and personable, yet hardworking. As you are well informed on many subjects and enthusiastic when involved in new projects, education can prove to be a significant factor in your life. Although you are quick, witty, and sociable, indecision or worry may turn out to be the primary challenge to your otherwise well-structured mind.

The sub influence of your decanate ruler, Capricorn, suggests that in order to fulfill your need for self-expression, you probably have to overcome an inclination to be serious or shy. As an idealist, you have leadership and executive abilities. These talents particularly apply to establishing better conditions for others. By realizing the importance of organization or a good system, you can use your common sense and idealism as a source of inspiration and bring people together, especially if there is a mutual interest.

Since you possess a fast mind and hate to be bored, you are likely to restlessly search for new and original pursuits to keep you engrossed. Just be careful that this does not lead to nervousness, uncertainty, or emotional discontent. Ambitious, persistent, and practical, you can put up with difficult circumstances, but once you have had enough, you can become adamant. Since this birthday usually gives intuitive or psychic gifts, with age there is often a growing recognition of a higher wisdom.

After the age of twenty-four, when your progressed Sun goes into Aquarius, you become less influenced by appearances, more independent, and more trusting of your individuality. You may be more interested in unusual subjects, group affairs, or humanitarian issues. Another turning point occurs at the age of fifty-four, when your progressed Sun enters Pisces. From this time, there is more of an emphasis on your emotional needs and ideals, with an enhancement of your sensitivity and imagination.