June 9 Zodiac

Gemini – Air

A certain willpower and determination suggest that you have the ability to fulfill the great promise of this birthdate. With the desire to expand and to climb up the ladder of success both materially and socially, you are ambitious and tenacious. A setback to your possible achievement, however, may be an obstinate or rebellious attitude. As you like power and authority, at times you can take on responsibility and be quite commanding. You may, however, need to develop patience in order to avoid being too domineering.
With the added influence of your decanate ruler, Libra, you can be very sociable and amusing and are likely to gain from female acquaintances. This also indicates an excellent sense of artistic and creative appreciation and a love of music and dance. Besides money, Venus also brings an interest in human relationships, which may draw you toward creating a better environment for others.

Through self-discipline you are able to bring out the best in yourself, including a capacity to perform record achievements and the ability to overcome obstacles. You can be persistent, with a strong urge for freedom, but may have to avoid kicking against your limitations or getting into trouble with authority figures.

After the age of twelve, when your progressed Sun moves into Cancer, issues concerning security, home, and family start to have more prominence in your life. This influence continues until around the age of forty-two, when you enter a period of energy, power, and confidence as your progressed Sun moves into Leo. As you reach the age of seventy-two, your progressed Sun moves into Virgo, and you will want to become more analytical, practical, and reflective.

Often attracted to powerful yet creative individuals, you have a need for love and understanding that is often contrary to your strong and self-assured front. Although you are hardworking, you enjoy having fun and socializing with friends or family. You like to have your own way, but you can be loyal and caring. However, you may need to avoid martyring yourself or being temperamental. The more inspired among you often find self-expression through the love of arts and music or poetry.