May 20 Zodiac

Taurus – Earth

A bright, personable intelligence marks people who share your birthday, May 20, as something special.

Being a natural leader through enthusiasm and ability to shine, you have a way with people and are kind and very sociable.

You are naturally gifted, and others see you as possessing common sense, charm, and self-assurance.

The influence of your Sun in the Capricorn decanate of Taurus suggests that prestige and self-respect are important to you.

Retaining your dignity and able to work very hard, you usually take your responsibilities seriously.

Having a natural understanding of money, you will probably prefer to budget and keep your accounts or business plans in order.

Life’s luxuries, however, are still attractive to you, so you are likely to spend on beautiful things; just beware of overindulgence.

Having a natural dramatic sense, you like to surround yourself with people who are intelligent and communicative.

Since you are verbally skilled, you will probably enjoy a good debate or witty repartee.

With the ability to grasp concepts quickly, you like to be honest and direct, but you may have to guard against a tendency to become opinionated or obstinate.

If your big plans occasionally fail, there is a chance that you may end up feeling sorry for yourself, but this will not last long, as you are determined to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Around the second year of life, your progressed Sun passes into the sign of Gemini.

This emphasizes that as a child you are a quick learner and have close links with brothers and sisters. Until the age of thirty, you are likely to concentrate on study and learning new skills.

A turning point occurs at thirty-one, when your progressed Sun moves into Cancer, identifying the significance of family links and a home base or center from which to build.

From your early sixties, when the progressed Sun moves into Leo, your confidence increases and you are liable to become more outgoing and self-expressive.

Sensitive and intuitive, yet mentally quick, you need variety and mental stimulation in relationships.

Although you like socializing and meeting different people, you prefer the company of intelligent individuals who possess a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

Since you can accomplish a great deal by yourself, in your relationships you refuse secondary positions and usually see yourself as an equal.

Affectionate, loyal, and understanding, you care about your nearest and dearest. When in love you are often willing to make great sacrifices.

The restlessness shared by those born on this date, however, also suggests that you can change your mind or be indecisive.

Taurus born on May 20 are drawn to people born on…

June 22 to July 23.