November 18 Zodiac

Scorpio – Water

Ambitious and forceful, you’re a Scorpio who will radiate self confidence and become charming and generous. Self-assured, you’re not undermined by failure and barely admit defeat. Your sharp intellect and social flair propose that you’ll be a great psychologist who understands men and women and what motivates them. As a networker with several contacts, you like the private contact and possess a talent for creating men and women feel specific and critical.

The affect of your respective decanate ruler, Cancer, implies that you’re intuitive and imaginative, with strong emotional instincts. An unusual sense of humor implies that though you are able to be witty and entertaining, some of your remarks can also be sarcastic and slicing. Provocative, you love a mental challenge and want to test your wits and intelligence against others’.

Frequently purposeful and decided, together with the power to pull by means of and endure, you like to take the direct and make use of your concepts in a very constructive way. Your strong convictions and a pragmatic method enable you to imagine rapid and be an assertive debater. When you are peaceful and totally free from strain, it is possible to present your vision obviously and persuade other people to see points from your standpoint. When irritable, having said that, you may need to have to overcome an inclination to be cynical or fault-finding.

As you are between the ages of 4 and thirty-three, your progressed Solar is in Sagittarius, highlighting problems with independence, experience, and enlargement in life. You may wish to increase your mental horizons all through this period, whether or not by way of study, travel, or your personal quest for truth of the matter. At age thirty-four, when your progressed Sun moves into Capricorn, you arrive at a turning point as you commence to have a far more dependable, specific, and hardworking viewpoint on lifetime, in search of structure and order. Through the age of sixty-four, whenever your progressed Sun enters Aquarius, you begin to extend your powers of observation and develop into additional impartial, free, or humanitarian.