Horoscope Capricorn 2021

Predictions Capricorn 2021

Jupiter enters Pisces, your solar Third House, January 17, and the lucky planet will spend most of the year there, with a brief visit to Aries this summer. During Jupiter’s time in Pisces, you’ll be on the go between errands, chauffeuring children if you’re a parent, and dashing off for the weekend. The Third House is also your communication sector, so expect to be in touch with just about everyone you know at some point during 2021. Keeping up with calls and e-mail will test your organizational skills at times.
A relative, especially a sibling, could bring you luck at the least expected moment. A casual comment might be just the link you need to a great job or another opportunity that shines brightly toward the future. You’ll enjoy get-togethers with extended family and neighbors (an excellent networking source) and could be the one who launches a campaign to better your community. If you’ve ever wanted to run for city council or another local position, you could be a winner this year. Most of all, your thinking will be upbeat and optimistic, and your mind will absorb all the information it possibly can.
Jupiter’s brief visit to Aries, your solar Fourth House, May 27- August 12, promises an active family life with plenty of interest in the domestic scene. Use this period for home improvements and routine maintenance, and devote a few weekends to clean-ing closets and storage spaces and generally getting your place in order. You’ll have the incentive and initiative to zip through it all in record time. Home will be your favorite location this summer, a place to relax and unwind from career-related responsibilities and tension. Consider taking a vacation at home, which you’ll probably enjoy far more than a trip.
Also take advantage of this time to reconnect with extended family—maybe even plan a reunion.
Saturn returns to Virgo this spring for its final transit of your solar Ninth House, April 7-July 20. This is the time to complete unfinished business begun since Saturn entered Virgo (or even what you started or hoped to do seven or fourteen years ago). That could be finishing a degree or certification necessary to fulfill
career ambitions, or a major trip you’ve postponed. Business travel will keep some Capricorns away from home, and others will find themselves in close contact with in-laws during these months. It’s likely this transit is also related to career events that have occurred since late last fall. Look for a prevailing theme or repeated message and also listen to your instincts. Chances are, there is something you can do now to reinforce or advance your worldly aims.
You might also resolve a long-standing philosophical dilemma, or return to or reject a religious affiliation. In that sense Saturn challenges you to examine your belief system and make necessary changes; in other words, be true to yourself and stand firm with your personal code of ethics.
For an ambitious Capricorn, life is at its best when Saturn, your ruling planet, is in your solar Tenth House of career. The best news is it’s just getting started, having entered Libra late last year. The next few years are your chance to shine. If you’re like most Capricorns you’re ready for the challenge simply because you’ve awaited this opportunity and planned for it—possibly for many years. Rising to the top comes naturally to you and you often have a sixth sense about when to make your move. This year, however, may not be the best choice despite a strong desire to shift gears.
Saturn in Libra clashes with Pluto in Capricorn, which could be very frustrating, both personally and career-wise. Power plays are possible with this planetary duo in action, so try not to get drawn in; let others deal with their own issues. You also could have difficulties with a supervisor; here, again, the wise choice is to keep a low profile, follow the rules, and fulfill your responsibilities. Also be careful whom you trust; an apparently friendly coworker could try to undermine your position.
But this transit can also launch you on the fast track to an influential position. Just be aware that it may take until later in the year for everything to come together. Trying to push events rather than letting things unfold in their own time could backfire.
Uranus also transits two signs this year: Pisces and Aries. By now you’re fairly familiar with the effects of Uranus in Pisces, your solar Third House. This year promises more of the same, although to the nth degree because of Jupiter in the same sign. What Uranus adds is the element of the unexpected—sudden news and events. Some of it will concern a neighbor or relative, and you’ll undoubtedly have flashes of insight when your intuition is active. Pay attention; this information could put you in the right place at the right time to snap up an opportunity. You also could suddenly achieve celebrity status in your community.
This transit encourages learning and will trigger your curiosity in a wide range of subjects. Reading, television, the Internet, puzzles, games, and talking with people will capture your interest. Uranus, like Saturn in Virgo, encourages you to further your education as a step toward career advancement. This is especially true because Saturn and Uranus form their final Virgo/Pisces alignment in April. The same lineup could trigger a legal matter or bring one to conclusion, probably with an unexpected outcome. Drive with extra care this year, and always socialize with a designated driver.
Emphasis shifts to your solar Fourth House of home and family when Uranus visits Aries, May 27, August 12. Changes on the domestic scene are the norm with Uranus here, although they may not occur in your life this year. Nevertheless, change or the desire for it will occur on some level in 2021, even if it’s only an idea that drifts through your mind. One of the best uses of this transit is home improvements, beginning with the clutter that surrounds you. Relocation is likely either this year or in coming years, possibly several times. (Uranus spends approximately seven years in a sign.)
Be sure your property and possessions are adequately covered by insurance.
Damage could result from severe weather or an appliance. Be especially cautious with electricity (forget do-it-yourself!), and always back up computer files. Even the least-expected event is to be expected when Uranus is on the scene, including people dropping in unannounced.
Neptune continues its long transit of Aquarius, your solar Second House. You’ve undoubtedly experienced the many facets of Neptune’s influence on money matters, including ups and downs, intuitive purchases, lost items, and creative ideas to enhance your bottom line. As much as Neptune can have you feeling disillusioned about your earning power, it also has a reputation for providing exactly what you need when you need it. In fact, this transit can ultimately increase your net worth by the time it completes its Aquarius transit. But you’ll need to continue to be vigilant about
finances. Steer clear of anything that sounds too good to be true; chances are, it is.
Neptune in the Second House is also about values and what is important to you, both personally and materialistically. Valuing yourself should be your first goal, and you should also think about your attitudes toward things. The more closely you identify with material objects, the greater the chance you will lose some of them. Let your ego speak through your accomplishments rather than what you can purchase with them.
Pluto will be in Capricorn, so you may not fully experience its effects until it contacts your Sun. Even so, this powerful planet will impact your life in some way this year, if only through events in your immediate environment. Observe what happens around you and how Pluto influences other people and the world at large. You will glean valuable knowledge for the future when Pluto motivates you to travel the path of personal transformation. Tune in to Pluto if you feel an increasing need for change on any level. Do remember, though, that actions taken under a Pluto transit are rarely reversed. But this is also Pluto’s way: re-creating yourself to meet the future.

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