Gemini love horoscope 2019

Gemini Love Predictions 2019

Some years are about friendship, and some years are about romance. This year is about romance.

Jupiter, your Love Planet, is in the romantic Sign of Libra for most of the year - this of itself is a positive love signal. Romance is on your mind. But it is also in the fun-loving 5th House. This is showing us many, many things. Love is honey- moonish. Even existing marriages will be more fun this year. Many will go on a second honeymoon. Love opportunities for singles come at the usual places - at places of entertainment, at the theatre, cinema, parties, resorts and as you pursue leisure activities. Since the 5th House rules children, many of you (singles and marrieds) are thinking about this. Marrieds are likely to have children this year. Singles are thinking about marrying for the purpose of having them.

In many cases, when the Love Planet is in the 5th House of Fun, you're not sure whether you just want a fun, non- serious relationship or something more. There is some indecision here. The opportunities for both types of love are plentiful. Both types of love come easily. Which should you choose?

When the Love Planet is in the 5th House there is a tendency to be too light-hearted about love. One approaches it as something that's all about fun and nothing else. Since no serious relationship can always be fun - the honeymoon spirit can't be maintained all the time - when the rough spots come, you want out. Hey, this isn't fun anymore, I'm getting out.

When the 5th House is strong, sexual activity tends to increase. There is also greater fertility.

Geminis working towards a second marriage will have a wonderful social life - probably many affairs and opportunities - but marriage doesn't seem likely. There is too much excitement and instability in this area. Too much experimentation. While this is fun, it usually doesn't lead to marriage. Love opportunities happen at the job or as you pursue career goals. You are allured to people of high status and power - and they to you. You are interested in people who can help your career.

Geminis working towards (or already in) a third or fourth marriage have a status-quo year: Marrieds will tend to stay married, singles will tend to stay single.

Love can strike all year, but especially from January 19th to February 26th, May 10th to June 21st and August 17th to October 23rd. Your most active social periods will be from August 17th to October 23rd and from November 22nd to December 21st.

Single siblings will be involved romantically with either very highly spiritual or creative types of people - people into yoga, meditation, music and art. Children of marriageable age are having a good and good year, but romance seems status-quo: If they are married they will probably stay married, if single they will stay single. The marriage of parents or parental figures seems in crisis - very severe tests going on. Personal freedom is the main issue. Grandchildren of marriageable age will need patience for the next few years. They might gravitate towards someone older and more established who can give them a sense of order and stability.

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