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Leo Love Predictions 2019

Though love has become more stable than in past years, it's still a far cry from being really stable. Everything is a matter of degree. Single Leos are more likely to get involved in serial love affairs rather than actual marriage. Married Leos need more space and freedom within the marriage - and this goes for your spouse or partner as well. There is a great - and long-term - experimentation happening in love and relationships. Leos are known for their strong libido.

Only the Scorpio can match them in this department. (I just read that some lions in the jungle will mate up to 50 times a day - this gives us some insight into the lions of the zodiac!) Yet, these days, your libido is even stronger than usual. Everyone knows that love relationships are much more than just sex, but for Leo, it is the sexual dynamic that is most important these days. But mere quantity is not the only issue for Leo. There is a need for experimentation in this area, too. It's as if they want to learn about sex (and its delights) through trial and error.

The rule books have been thrown out, and they are going to find out what is good on their own. Now, if Leo can have this experimentation within one relationship, all is well and good. But if not, they will tend to look for greener pastures.

For many years now Leo has been attracted to unconventional people and unconventional relationships. This trend continues and even intensifies. The orthodox, the run of the mill, is just not interesting. Creative people - artists, dancers, musicians, rebels, psychics, astrologers - all fit the bill.

Inventors, computer experts, scientists and mathematicians are also alluring. Generally, these are people who live outside the 'norms' of society.

Leo also seems attracted to money people - big earners, people who are focused on finances. Married Leos find that their spouse is more focused on finance this year, too (and is prospering).

When Saturn moves into your Sign on July 16th, there can be challenges in love. Often this transit produces low self-esteem, which can be a problem in love. But if you channel this Saturn energy towards something constructive - like a disciplined health and exercise regime, or towards improving the physical body and appearance - there will be no low self-esteem. For you will be correcting the causes of it.

Single Leos (working towards a first marriage) will see the development of a significant relationship after October 26th. It has marriage potential, but will it actually lead to marriage? The jury is out. This is real love, but will it be stronger than the need for freedom?

Leos working towards (or already in) their second marriage have a status-quo year. Singles will tend to remain single and marrieds will tend to remain married. Singles will have love opportunities at the job or office - or with people above them in status - after July 28th.

Leos working towards (or already in) their third marriage also have a status-quo year.

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