Pisces love horoscope 2019

Pisces Love Predictions 2019

Your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities is not a House of Power this year. You seem to have little interest in committed relationships - relationships that have duties, obligations, contracts or covenants involved. Your desire for personal freedom is at the root of this.

Also, your commitment to spirit. You love the spirit above all else, more than your husband, wife, children, etc. So, marriage is not likely in the year ahead. Existing relationships are going to be severely tested as well. Those married to Pisceans (or involved with them romantically) need to give them a lot of space. This is probably the only thing that will save the relationship.

But Pisceans also need to do some work here. They need to explore their desire for freedom in a deeper way. A great Yogi once remarked that freedom is freedom from the idea that you are free (a statement that is like a zen koan - right up your street these days).

Freedom means obedience to spirit - to your own true self, to the higher power within you - to have no other gods before Me. Freedom means the freedom to follow this and nothing else. If spirit has led you to a relationship, does freedom mean that you are to abrogate it? Each of you will find your own answers to this, but it is a good question to ask yourself.

Sometimes what seems like limitation (a dirty word to you these days) is the doorway to other forms of freedom. Sometimes by limiting ourselves to one partner, we gain the freedom to explore the deeper forms of intimacy.

Single Pisceans are more likely to have serial relationships than to marry. But this applies only to those who are working on, or who are already in, the first marriage.

Those working towards a second marriage have beautiful opportunities after October 26th. They have the best marriage aspects of all the Pisceans.

A second marriage is very likely (perhaps it won't be a legal marriage in the conventional sense, but a relationship that is like a marriage). But even here, the urge for personal freedom will be something you have to deal with. This person is of high stature, both educationally and in the world.

He or she is as much a mentor as a lover. You might meet this person as you pursue career goals, in educational settings, at university or a church or ashram. It seems very good and fortunate. This person could even be your professor, mentor or boss.

Those working towards a third marriage have a status- quo year. But romantic opportunities arise at the workplace or as you pursue your health goals. Or with people involved with your health. Those working towards a fourth marriage seem better off staying single and enjoying the unexpected love opportunities that will come in non-committed ways.

A sibling (or someone who is like a brother or sister to you) is likely to marry or be involved in a serious relationship after October 26th. Two eclipses in his or her Marriage House are going to shake up the love life in order to prepare him or her for this.

The marriages of parents or parental figures seem status quo. Children of marriageable age could have married in the past two years, and still have good aspects for it until July 16th. A business partnership is likely after July 16th.

Grandchildren of marriageable age will face severe tests of their existing relationships after July 28th. Marriage doesn't seem advisable in the year ahead.

They are better off letting love develop as it will and not rushing into anything. Some will see the price tag that comes with jumping into relationships prematurely.

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