Sagittarius love horoscope 2019

Sagittarius Love Predictions 2019

The year ahead seems more significant for those in a second marriage than for those in, or working towards, a first. The 7th House (your love life in general and a first marriage) is not a House of Power. Thus there is a status-quo situation in effect. The cosmos doesn't push you one way or the other.

You have great freedom in this department - freedom to shape your social life as you like - but not that much interest in doing so.

For singles, those working towards a first marriage, there will be love opportunities (especially from May 21st to June 21st), but they don't seem to lead to commitment.

Those in their second marriage will have their relationships tested. Financial issues need to be worked out. The feeling of romance is in abeyance, and the duties of love weigh heavily. But a good relationship will survive this. A business partnership is likely in the year ahead, too.

Singles who are working towards second marriage need more patience. Someone older and more established comes into the picture, but is it love? No need to rush, take the time to find out.

Those working towards their third marriage have excellent opportunities most of the year. The unattached have wonderful aspects for marriage. Those working towards their fourth marriage have a status-quo year.

There are two eclipses in your 5th House of Love Affairs this year: a Solar Eclipse on April 8th, and a Lunar Eclipse on October 17th. These will no doubt test current love affairs.

As mentioned earlier, the marriage of your parents or parental figure is in crisis this year. Only a very strong relationship can weather these stresses. The marriage of siblings likewise.

Children of marriageable age have wonderful aspects either for marriage or for a significant relationship. Grandchildren of marriageable age are more serious this year, more ambitious, more willing to settle down, and this could lead to marriage. But they need to give a lot of freedom and space to their prospective partners.

Your happiest and most active social periods will be from May 10th to June 21st.

Mercury is your Love Planet. As our steady readers know, this is a fast-moving planet. In a given year Mercury moves through all the Signs and Houses of your chart. Thus love and love opportunities can come in a variety of ways and channels - all depending on where Mercury is at a given time.

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. This year this will happen from March 20th to April 12th, July 23rd to August 16th and from November 14th to December 4th. These are periods where relationships seem to go backwards instead of forwards, and where the cosmos gives you an opportunity to review and evaluate your current relationship. Though these are wonderful periods for review, they are not wonderful for making long-term decisions about love - your social judgement at these times will not be up to its usually high standards.

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