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Taurus Love Predictions 2019

Though, socially, the year might start off slowly - with little change in the status quo - be patient. The scene is being set for a banner social year. This begins July 16th, but picks up steam after October 26th, when Jupiter moves into your 7th House of Love and Marriage.

Singles have powerful marriage opportunities. And, even if they don't actually marry, they will be involved in relationships that are like marriage - committed and serious. There is a Solar Eclipse in your 7th House of Marriage in the coming year (October 23rd). This too signals long-term change - shake-ups - in the status quo.

Those already married should be able to cleanse their relationship and make it better than before. The eclipses will bring up the dirty laundry so that it can be dealt with. Relationships (or marriages) that are not based on true love are in serious danger. But, with love aspects so wonderful, there is little to fear. The impure must make way for the pure. When the gods come, the demi-gods must depart.

In general, your social life is to be greatly expanded. New and significant friends and contacts are being made. There is more going out, more socializing, more parties and the like. Many of you will marry, and many of you will be attending more weddings, too.

Even if you are working towards a second marriage, the aspects are good beginning July 16th. Though you will be attracted to foreigners (people of different cultural backgrounds), you don't need to actually travel to a foreign country. This person is likely to be very close to home.

Perhaps a friend of the family. Perhaps you meet through the family. Those working towards a third marriage seem too busy playing the field to want to settle down. The problem here is too much opportunity, not too little. You seem very experimental (a long-term trend) and need a lot of change and variety in your love life. There is so much excitement in your social life that it works against any kind of long-term commitment.

Taureans are usually allured by money, and this year even more so. Those working towards a first or second marriage will meet wealthy people. If they have to choose between a wealthy person of so-so status and a poor person of high status, they will choose the wealthy one. But those working towards a third marriage seem more allured by status and prestige than by mere wealth - and will meet those kinds of people. They will find social opportunities as they pursue career goals - perhaps at work or with a boss or supervisor. Perhaps it is with someone who is involved with your career or who is in a position to help it along.

October-November will not only be a turning-point in love, but the most socially active period in the year ahead. Venus will be in your House of Love until October 8th. Mercury will enter on October 8th. The Sun will enter on October 23rd, and Jupiter on October 26th. You have much to look forward to.

The marriage of a sibling will improve after July 16th (if not his or her marriage, then overall love life). The marriage of parents and parental figures gets tested after July 16th. Children of marriageable age are too unsettled in their affections to tie the knot. They are having a good time socially - playing the field - but love and affections are highly unstable.

Grandchildren of marriageable age are more likely to marry this year (they may have married last year, but if not, it could happen this year.) They are unusually focused on love, and this is a big factor. They are actively seeking friends and love opportunities, not waiting around for the phone to ring.

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