Virgo love horoscope 2019

Virgo Love Predictions 2019

This has been an exciting and volatile area for some years now, and the trend continues. There are both positives and negatives in what is going on. First, the positive: You have a newfound freedom and independence in love. You are able to experiment and upgrade your relationships. You are meeting new, exciting and unconventional types of people - very interesting people to be around.

Though you Virgos tend to be conventional, in love you are far from it. You are making friends with (and perhaps involved in love affairs with) people of different cultures and ethnicities. You have thrown out all the rule books in love and are making up your own as you go along.

The deep belief here is that you can have love and personal freedom. Many of you are finding this, but not for long. Your new freedom and openness expose you to love opportunities in the most unexpected ways. Love can happen at any time (and probably does). You are experiencing highs in love that few people ever experience. But the lows - the crashes - can also be severe. Nevertheless, you are undeterred. You pick yourself up and start again. It's all part of the process.

Out of all this will come new knowledge and understanding. This is the purpose. Right now you seem to be in rebellion against social relationship norms. But as you continue your experimentation process, you will come to understand why these norms - these traditions - arose in the first place. It doesn't mean that you will follow them, but you will understand them and the logic behind them.

The negatives of this are also strong. These kinds of attitudes don't make for marriage or committed relationships. A marriage now would be difficult - unless your partner gives you a lot of space. You in turn will have to give your partner a lot of space, too - for you are attracting freedom-loving people in your social sphere. You are attracting lovers and partners who are just as experimental as you are. Hence the instability.

Married Virgos will probably face a crisis in their relationships. The stars impel, they don't compel, so these transits need not actually break things up. But they will create a more free, less obligated type of marriage. Those married to Virgos (and who want to save their relationship) should strive to provide plenty of change and excitement within the relationship.

As mentioned, with Uranus in your 7th House love opportunities can happen anywhere at any time - perhaps as you innocently take out the rubbish or go to the chemist's. But the most likely places will be parties and social gatherings, the workplace, a health professional's office or as you pursue your health goals - perhaps at the gym, yoga studio or a health lecture.

You are allured by unconventional types these days. Genius types. Rebels against social norms. Healers and health professionals are also alluring - as are co-workers. A similarity in health goals and a good working compatibility are important romantic turn-ons. The spirituality of your partner also seems important, and in truth you are attracting more spiritual and creative-type people into your life.

Friendships have been disappointing these past few years and you seem to have less interest in them. Romance seems much more important than friendship. You've been in a weeding-out process for a few years. You've been keeping the good and true friends and letting go of the others. You are learning that it is better to have few quality friends than hordes of lukewarm ones.

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