Aquarius Love Horoscope 2020

This is not an especially strong or important love or social year, not on the romantic level anyway. Neither your 5th House of Love Affairs, nor your 7th House of Love and Marriage, is strong. It’s not an issue of being attractive or desirable.

It’s about lack of interest. And, perhaps, this is as it should be. The cosmos is working to give us a well-rounded development, and some years it wants to focus on finance and career (as in your case) and some years on other things like spirituality and religion.

Of course the lack of power in these Houses doesn’t mean the absence of a love life. Singles will date and have fun. Marrieds will still have a married life. But there is little significance to these things; it will be a status-quo kind of year.

Two Solar Eclipses will test your marriages, current love relationships and friendships – one on January 26 and the other on July 22. But these need not break things up, only bring up the dirty laundry – reveal the flaws in the relationship – so that corrections can happen. (Although, fundamentally flawed relationships tend to break up under these eclipses.)

Friendships are a whole other ball game. This is very prominent and happy area of your Horoscope in the year ahead. Jupiter, your planet of friendship, moves into your own Sign on January 5, so new and important friends are coming into the picture. They are prominent and of high status.

They seem educated and refined. Perhaps religious. What is nice here is that they are seeking you out, rather than vice versa. There is nothing special that you need to do – just be yourself and go about your business.

But these things don’t seem romantic. These are people of like mind – platonic kinds of relationships.

Saturn has been in your 8th House of Sex for some years now, and continues there for the year ahead. The symbolism here is of being less sexually active than usual.

This can come from a variety of causes – lack of libido, a need to control the sexual urges, a feeling that sexual activity is not safe, or, more likely, that you want to focus on quality sex, rather than mere quantity. And this seems the spiritual lesson in the year ahead.

This reduction of sexual activity reinforces what we have been saying earlier; this is not a strong romantic or love year.

On October 16 Mars enters your 7th House of Love and Marriage. He will stay there an unusually long time, for the rest of 2020 and well into 2010. For singles it only means being more aggressive socially. Perhaps you are fed up with sexual abstinence and want some adventure.

Perhaps you want to develop more courage in love and you can only do that by taking risks.
For marrieds, especially those in the first marriage, it shows a testing of the marriage relationship.

Perhaps there is a power struggle going on there. You should avoid these things as they tend to get overblown, but it will be difficult. Serious love relationships will also get these kinds of tests.

Those into their second marriage will have their marriages tested by Saturn after October 29. Those working on the second marriage are not likely to marry. Those working on the third marriage have better opportunities after October 29 than before. But those working on the fourth marriage have very beautiful aspects, and marriage or serious love is going to happen here.

The love life of siblings is status quo for most of the year, but after October 29 their marriages or current love relationship gets a severe and long-term testing.

Children and grandchildren of marriageable age have status quo kinds of years too. Singles will tend to stay single; marrieds will tend to stay married.
Your most active and happiest social periods this year will be from May 20 to June 21; July 5 to August 22; and from August 26 to September 20.

Love horoscope 2020

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