Aries love horoscope 2020

Your 7th House of Love and Marriage is not a House of Power for most of the year (until October 29). Thus, until that time I expect a status quo kind of situation.

Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. Of course singles will date and have fun – they will have a social life – but there doesn’t seem to be anything special on the horizon.

As Saturn moves into your 7th House on October 29, he will bring many changes to your love and social life. As we mentioned earlier, he will test existing marriages and business partnerships in the same sort of way a company road tests a new vehicle.

It gives the vehicle some rough handling – abnormally rough handling – to see where the flaws are – to see how the vehicle handles stress – and to see how reliable the vehicle is. This road testing is very valuable to the maker; improvements can either be made or the vehicle can be released for production. So it is with your marriage and business partnerships.

They get some rough handling. If you perform well, you will have an enduring marriage or partnership and will know where and how you can improve things.

Faulty marriages, like faulty vehicles, will probably get destroyed by the road testing. The cosmos wants the best for you, and will send you another partner in due course.

The Horoscope is not only showing us the problems in love, but also the cure. If the marriage is troubled, there is a need to make it the priority in your life, to keep your full focus on the marriage. You sort of have to make it your ‘spiritual mission’ for the year.

Only that kind of priority can save it (and both parties have to be willing to do this). Also, it might help to be more helpful in your spouse’s or partner’s career; be a staunch advocate and supporter of it.

There is a whole reorganization of social life happening after October 29. Jupiter in your 11th House is bringing you all kinds of new friends and acquaintances. Perhaps you are socializing too much to the detriment of other areas of your life. So, Saturn will come and test these friendships and force you to focus only on the good ones. Saturn’s philosophy is better to have a few good friends than to have hordes of mediocre ones.

After October 29 singles are probably better off staying single. There is a need to review your love attitudes and what your true needs are.

Date less, but make the dates you go on more serious and of a higher calibre. You are in a period where the cosmos is showing you that love and marriage is not just a ‘good time’ but has many serious responsibilities attached to it.

Saturn moving through the 7th House is not considered an especially happy transit for love. Yet it does have some very positive points to it, some of which we mentioned.

When he is through with you, your marriage, partnerships and social life will be solid indeed, reliable, of good quality and healthy.

Also, it shows that you will be mingling with people of high status – his political or corporate power – in the year ahead. You will have a more practical approach to love.

Saturn, your career planet, in the 7th House often shows the classic office romance: romance with the boss or superior. The danger with these kinds of relationships is that they can become purely material and utilitarian, without any deep feelings of love involved.

Our discussion above relates to those in or working on their first marriage. Those in or working on their second marriage will have a status quo kind of year. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single. There are love opportunities with friends, introductions of new friends, and in groups and organizations.

Those working on the third marriage have very wonderful marriage aspects now and a marriage or serious relationship is likely.

Your best love and social periods this year will be from September 23 to October 22 and from October 15 to 29.

Venus will make one of her rare Retrogrades from March 6 to April 17. This tends to introduce glitches in the love life.

Relationships seem to go backwards instead of forwards. But there is a spiritual purpose here: to review your current love situation and see where improvements can be made.

Better to make long-term love decisions after April 17. (By the way this Retrograde also applies to finances.)

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