Cancer Love Horoscope 2020

You are coming out of a very powerful year for your love and social life and it is doubtful whether 2020 can match the last year. Many of you married or got involved in serious kinds of relationships, and so this is a year of refining and purifying what you have rather than looking for something new.

Love and social activities are still very important in the year ahead, and for a long time to come. This year Pluto moves permanently into your 7th House and will stay there for many years. (Last year he merely flirted with your 7th House; now he is there for the long haul.)

The honeymoon stage of romance is always the easy part. But now there is a need to perfect the relationship (and the social life in general) by removing the impurities.

This detox of the love life is generally not pleasant but if you understand what is going on, it will be wonderful. Yes, it brings near-death, or death and rebirth experiences in the marriage or current relationship, but the end result will be the relationship of your dreams – your ideal relationship – your ideal marriage.

The cosmos wants you to have the best; nothing less than perfection will do. The social pains that you feel are merely birth pangs – the birth of something beautiful.

For marrieds, especially those who have been married a long time, Pluto’s move into the 7th House will certainly test the relationship. The marriage will certainly die in coming years, but it’s up to you whether resurrection happens. It can be with the present spouse or partner or with another. This is true of long-term friendships and business partnerships as well.

The year ahead is an unusually sexually active kind of year. So there is romance in life. Whatever your age or stage in life, the libido will be stronger than usual.

We get a sense of high passion in love. And this is what is enhancing the sexuality. But the high passion has a downside, especially when it turns negative – as it generally does over time.

There is a need to keep the passions constructive and not destructive. Jealousy and possessiveness are real dangers in love this year (they are always dangers, but now, and with you, it is very dramatic).

For those of you who are still single we see love affairs; love affairs that are like a marriage – love affairs with people who are marriage material – but will it actually end up that way? The Horoscope is not clear on this.

Your love planet is making a major move this year, towards the end of the year. On October 29, he will move from Virgo into Libra – from your 3rd House to your 4th House.

On one level this is a nice transit for love. The love planet in romantic Libra is much better positioned than in Virgo and this should improve things. There will be less analysis, less criticism, less of a mental approach and more of a feeling, romantic approach.

For the past few years intellectual compatibility was very important in love. After October 29, emotional compatibility – the ability to share emotions, feelings and give emotional support – becomes important. You will be attracted by these kinds of people, family-oriented people, people who are emotionally sensitive and supportive.

Until October 29 singles will find love opportunities in educational-type settings – at lectures, seminars and the like. Love is in the neighbourhood and close to home.

After October 29, singles find love opportunities through family connections, family gatherings, or through people who are like family to them.

Those working on the second marriage are probably better off enjoying their freedom for a while; the social life is highly unstable.

Those in their second marriage have been having their marriages tested (probably there have been divorces here in the past few years). Those in or working on their third marriage have a status-quo kind of year. Marrieds will probably stay married and singles will probably stay single.

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