Capricorn Love Horoscope 2020

Though your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Relationships isn’t strong this year, there are going to be many changes in the love life. Perhaps you feel that the status quo is OK. Perhaps you feel that your love life is where you want it to be.

Perhaps you are taking your current love relationship for granted. But the cosmos isn’t satisfied. Nothing but perfection will do, both for you and your current love. There will be four (yes four) Lunar Eclipses in the coming year – twice as many as normal. And since the Moon is your love planet, the love life is going to get some severe testing.

Perhaps you are too focused on money and career and are ignoring the love relationships. Perhaps your success and fame is threatening to your partner. Perhaps there are other hidden flaws in your relationship.

This year, they will come up and have to be dealt with. In addition to the four Lunar Eclipses, there is a Solar Eclipse in your 7th House as well – on July 22. Your love life will be impacted by five eclipses!

In many cases this will lead to a breakup, either of the marriage or the love relationship. In other cases, it will just bring up all the flaws and you will have the opportunity to correct them. Much depends on how sound the relationship is. If there are fundamental flaws, the marriage or relationship will break up. But if the basic relationship is solid it can be repaired and made better than before.

In either case, there is crisis in love. And crisis, as the wise ones say, is dangerous opportunity.

Singles might find that they want to change their status and marry. Marrieds might divorce. This is the nature of an eclipse. If you are supposed to be married, the eclipses will shake up your life so that it will happen. And, if you are not supposed to be married, if you’re supposed to move on, the eclipses will take care of that too.

These eclipses will test friendships and business partnerships too.

They seem chaotic and unstable. There will be many dramas in the lives of friends and business partners (and this is the main reason for the instability).

Your most active social periods will be from June 19 to July 22, and from August 1 to August 26.

Since the Moon is your love planet your needs in love tend to change from day to day.

You tend to be moody about love. You tend to be more loving and more enthusiastic about social issues when the Moon waxes than when she wanes. You are also more socially magnetic on a waxing Moon than on a waning Moon. (You also tend to attract partners who are like this.)

The Moon also happens to be the fastest-moving planet in the Zodiac. Where fast-moving planets like the Sun, Mercury and Venus will take a year to move through all the Signs and Houses of the Horoscope, the Moon does this every month.

Thus love opportunities come to you in a variety of ways and through a variety of people – all depending on where the Moon is on a given day. These short-term trends will be dealt with in the monthly reports.

Those in their second or third marriages have less marital stress than those in their first or fourth, but you too will have your friendships and business partnerships tested.

Those working on the second marriage have a status-quo kind of year. Marriage prospects brighten after October 29 though.

Those working on the third marriage have excellent marriage prospects this year. There’s nothing that you need to do either – he or she will come to you.

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