Gemini Love Horoscope 2020

Your 7th House of Love and Social Activities is not a House of Power this year and thus we expect we’ll see a status-quo kind of year. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

However, your love planet makes an important move this year. He moves from Capricorn (where he was all last year) into Aquarius. He will be in Aquarius for the entire year ahead (beginning from January 7).

Last year you (but singles especially) were very conservative in love. You almost disbelieved in the notion of romantic love. Love was something practical: a job, a career move, a duty, a responsibility. You felt that if you found the right person, you could learn to love him or her.

You gravitated to older, more established people – people above you in status. You were cautious in love, slow to fall in love. Material support and the sexual chemistry were the primal attractions for you. This year we see some changes.

We still see you as being status conscious in love – you still see it as a career move – but you want more equality in the relationship. You want a friend as well as a lover. You admire not only a person’s position and status, but also their mind and spirit. This year, you seem quicker to fall in love – less afraid.

In some ways, last year’s attitudes were easier. This year your love needs are much more complex. You are attracted by wealth, status and power (and are very likely to enter into this kind of romance) but you also need friendship and a good spiritual compatibility.

Without the spiritual compatibility – being on the same spiritual wave length, sharing the same spiritual ideals – it is doubtful whether any love rela-tionship could last very long.

Your ideal person would be someone creative, poetic or mystical, who was also of high status, perhaps the CEO of a large corporation, and who was also an inventor or innovator. These things are harder to find, but they exist. Astrologers and astronomers – scientists, genius types – are also very alluring.

This year you have the aspects for a classic office romance with a superior, someone above you in the hierarchy. You also have the aspects of the person who falls in love with their guru, mentor or professor.

Love opportunities happen in educational and religious- type settings, at church, mosque or synagogue or at functions sponsored by these kinds of organizations.

It can happen in foreign countries and with foreigners. And it can happen as you pursue your career goals. College and university settings are also likely meeting grounds.

If you are single working on your first marriage, the year ahead is a status-quo one. A marriage isn’t likely, but you will have romance.

If you are working on the second marriage, then marriage IS very likely in the year ahead, with a partner being found in the places mentioned above. Those working on the third or fourth marriage are having status quo kinds of years.

This is a year where you mingle with the high and the mighty – people of power and prestige. These people, as we mentioned, are very helpful career-wise.

A sibling will either marry or enter into a serious love relationship this year. If he or she is already married, there will be more romance within the marriage.

The marriage seems happier. Parents or parent figures are having their marriages and business partnerships tested. Children and grandchildren of marriageable age are having status quo kinds of years.

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