Leo Love Horoscope 2020

It is wonderful how the cosmos compensates us. If it gives trials and tests in one area of life (finances in your case), it gives bountifully in other areas. This year it is in your love and social life.

The love and social life have been important for many years now and this year even more so. Benevolent Jupiter is moving into this House on January 5 and will be there for the rest of the year ahead.

As we mentioned earlier, 2020 is a banner social year – you are in many cases in a lifetime social peak. Many will marry or get involved in relationships that are like a marriage.

Those of you already married will have more romance within the marriage, and this is a great year to go on a second honeymoon and renew your vows.

It is a year of social bliss. There are more parties, more gatherings, and more new and important friends in your life. You are attracting a glamour crowd socially: you are more involved with these kinds of people and this is Leo heaven.

For years now you have been attracting spiritual and creative types of people into your social circle, and this year even more so.

This year you are perhaps mingling with celebrities, entertainers, musicians and dancers. The main turn on in love these days is fun – you want a person you can have fun with. The other things (money, status, intellect) don’t seem that important. But spiritual compatibility continues to be important.

No one loves a party more than Leo – and this is a year for it.

Though the love life has been unstable for many years, this year, marriage is likely. Love seems like a gigantic honeymoon – a long party. Totally fun and with little responsibility.

Love opportunities happen in the usual places this year, at parties, resorts and places of entertainment. But with your love planet in the 8th House it could also happen at funerals, wakes, or as you comfort a bereaved person.

Those working on the second or third marriages will have a happy social life, but marriage for singles isn’t likely. It is a status quo year for them. Those working on the fourth marriage are likely to marry now.

The entire year is going to be socially active, but the most active period seems to be right at the beginning of the year – from January 5 to March 15.

For singles the main problem seems to be too much of a good thing. There are so many opportunities – so many choices – that it can be confusing. Still, this is a nice problem to have – much better than the reverse.

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