Pisces Love Horoscope 2020

Love has been unstable for many years now. Marriages have been tested for many years, and especially in the past two. And the testing is still going on. (This is also true for business partnerships.)

There have been many divorces. In truth, with Uranus moving through your own Sign, it has not been the best time for committed long-term relationships. You have been experiencing a passion for personal freedom, and this doesn’t usually mix well with marriage, where, by definition, you restrict your freedom. Those of you who married in the past five or six years (and even before that) are now seeing this.

As we mentioned, Saturn moving through your 7th House doesn’t mean that you have to get divorced. If there is true love in the relationship – true commitment – this testing will make the marriage even stronger.

For one thing, it is good to have love tested. When times are good, when the roses are blooming and you are on a moonlit beach in some tropical paradise, it is only natural to be loving.

It is only when the tough times come, when there are burdens and responsibilities in the relationship, when the honeymoon is over, that you find out if your love is real. If you are still in love by the end of the year, you should stay married.

In general there is less socializing this year. The cosmos wants to not only set your marriage and business partnerships in order but also your friendships. The road testing only reveals the flaws and shows how much stress a relationship can take. Good relationships will handle the stress, the flawed ones won’t.

There is also a need to focus more on quality relationships. A few quality ones are worth more than hundreds of lukewarm ones.

Singles are not likely to marry this year, especially those working on the first marriage. Nor does it seem advisable. You are working out your love attitudes and goals these days and it needs time.

Pisces is perhaps the most romantic of all the Signs (though Libras will give them a run for their money). But this year Pisceans seem less so – almost unbelievers in romantic love.

There is a practical, pragmatic tone to the thinking now – a forget about love, find the good provider and learn to love him or her sort of mentality. Romantic love is just an illusion I was under; best to feather my own nest and deal with reality.’ Now this mood won’t last forever – it is only temporary – but it doesn’t foster romance.

Singles who do marry now might get involved in marriages of convenience rather than true love unions. This is why it is best to wait.

Those in or working on the second marriage have a status-quo kind of year. Singles will tend to remain single and marrieds will tend to remain married. Those working on the third marriage have very beautiful marriage aspects now and wedding bells are likely to ring.

Still you need to overcome the desire for personal freedom or work around it in some way – allow much freedom within the relationship, try to do different and unique things. Work to maintain the freshness of the relationship.

Those in their fourth marriages are having the marriage tested severely now. Those working on the fourth marriage probably shouldn’t marry this year.

Love affairs are also unstable in the year ahead. The Moon, which rules your 5th House of Love Affairs, gets eclipsed twice as much as usual – four times rather than just twice. This often signals serial love relationships which don’t last very long.

Or, the current love relationship can have a few breakups and then makeups.
Your most active (and happy) love period will be from August 22 to October 15. Your yearly social peak will be from August 22 to September 22.

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