Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2020

This is not an especially strong social year, Sagittarius. None of the Houses that rule love are important in this year’s Horoscope. Of course, you will have a social life – singles will date and attend parties and the like – but we don’t see anything special here. A status-quo kind of year. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

Social activity will vary month to month. Much depends on whether the 5th or 7th House is strong, and what Mercury, your love planet, happens to be doing in any given month. Thus these issues are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Mercury will go Retrograde four times this year — this usually this only happens three times. So, this year, your love life will seem to go backwards for longer periods than usual. These are not times to make drastic love or social decisions, but to review your love life and see where improvements can be made.

Your most active and happy social periods this year will be from February 3 to April 19; April 23 to May 31 (love affairs); May 20 to June 21; and July 5 to August 31 (more serious kinds of love).

Those who are in their third marriage will have their marriages tested from October 29.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the marriage will break up but you will be shown how strong the fundamental relationship is, how much stress it can take, and how much it can be relied on. More importantly, the stresses will bring up flaws so that you can correct them.

Those working on the third marriage are not likely to marry, nor would it seem advisable. Let love develop slowly over time – no need to rush into anything.

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