Taurus Love Horoscope 2020

Your 7th House of Love is not a House of Power this year, and I read this as something good – your marriage or partnership and social life is pretty much where you want it to be and you have no need to make drastic changes. It is a status quo kind of year.

Taurus marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

By the way, status quo for a Taurus is great bliss – they are very conservative types of people. So the love life is happy now.

The real excitement this year (and this has been so for a number of years) is in the area of friendships.

New and exciting friends are coming into the picture suddenly and unexpectedly. These people are not run of the mill types, but are highly creative, spiritual and genius-type people. Glamour people as well. The only problem is that your friendships are unstable.

They can come suddenly and end suddenly. You don’t know who is going to be your friend, when, and so it is difficult to make long-term social plans. For a Taurus this kind of instability is difficult to handle, but this is the spiritual lesson of these past few years.

You need to be comfortable and centred regardless of the social change going on all around you. You don’t own your friends, and possessiveness will only create pain. Sit loose and enjoy the change.

There are dramatic events in the lives of your friends as well and this adds to the instability. Many of your friends are involved in spirituality, going deeper into it, and this is also creating much change. (If they are not involved in spirituality then there is probably excessive drug or alcohol use going on and this too will lead to dramatic events in their lives.)

Your love planet recently made an important and long- term move.

Pluto moved from the Sign of Sagittarius (where he was for over 15 years) into Capricorn. Last year he was just flirting with the Sign of Capricorn; this year he is in there for good.

Existing marriages don’t seem too much affected, but singles are certainly becoming more conservative and traditional in love. They will gravitate to older, more established kinds of people.

They will tend to have a very pragmatic approach to love, seeing it as another career move – a job – rather than moonlight and fireworks. The good provider is more alluring than the beefy hunk.

With your love planet now in your 3rd House of Communication and Intellectual Interests for years to come, there is another dimension to love than just the physical and the financial. There needs to be intellectual and mental compatibility.

You need to fall in love with the other person’s thought process as much as with the body and social position.

Good communication is perhaps just as important as financial support and sexual compatibility. You are in a period where communication means love: if you talk to me, you love me. If you don’t talk to me you don’t love me.

If there are problems in the current relationship, the Horoscope is showing us how they can be cleared up: focus on better communication. Take courses together as a couple. Read the same books and discuss them. Cultivate the intellectual side of the relationship.

Those working on their second marriage have excellent prospects this year. Those Taurus working on their third are better off staying single, dating and enjoying their freedom. Marriage and love opportunities are there, but there is great instability.

Those in or working on the fourth marriage have a status quo kind of year.

Siblings are having their marriages or current relationships tested. There are near-death experiences in love. The love life is getting detoxed and it is not pleasant while it is happening. The end result, though, is good.

Parents or parent figures who are single will have very good marriage opportunities this year; it is also a good year for business partnerships.

Children of marriageable age are better off staying single for a while. If they are married their marriages are being severely tested (and this has been going on for some years now).

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