Virgo Love Horoscope 2020

Last year was a banner year for love affairs, but now you seem tired of that – fun-and-games types of relationship – and want something more. In fact marriage was not even advisable last year, but this year it is different.

No question that during the past six years your social life – marriages, friendships and business partnerships – have changed dramatically. It is safe to say that you are in radically different marital and social conditions than you were six years ago, and the changes are still going on.

None of this was punitive, though these changes could have been painful (and could have felt punitive). The object was to liberate you into your true, divinely destined love and social life – the social life of your dreams. But this couldn’t happen unless old attachments were broken.

You were not being punished, you were being set free.

This year you will see the reason for this. Jupiter will be travelling with Neptune, your love planet, many times during the year, and this is bringing serious love into your life. Marriages and serious relationships are definitely happening. And now you might be ready for it.

For the past years your social life was very experimental. It was exciting. Love came to you in sudden and unexpected ways. You were involved with unique and very interesting people.

Genius types. It was a glamorous kind of social life, but highly unstable. There were serial love affairs (and this too was in the stars). In this experimental process – being with different people and experimenting with different kinds of relationships – you gained valuable knowledge. Most likely you learned what love was not’ and what you didn’t want in love.

Now, you seem ready for what you truly want – and it is coming.

It was useless for the cosmos to bring you this Mr or Miss Right a few years ago; you probably would have rejected that person. So the timing is cosmically exquisite.

This person will be highly educated, refined, and perhaps a health professional of some sort. He or she will have strong family values and will be very spiritual and idealistic. He or she seems wealthy or at least comfortable.

You are likely to meet this person at work or as you pursue your health goals – at the gym, yoga studio, doctors or health seminar.

This could also be someone you work with. You have had the aspects for the classic office romance for many years now, and this relationship could also be that type of thing. But this person is definitely marriage material. You’re tired of being a nomad in love, you want to settle down.

Other venues for love are foreign countries, family gatherings, religious or educational-type settings.

All of this relates to those who are working on their first marriage. Those working on the second or third (or in their second or third marriage) will have love but perhaps not a marriage. The situation is status quo. Marrieds will tend to stay married and singles will tend to stay single.

The social life will be active all year, but especially from January 19 to March 20 – your yearly social peak.

Siblings, parents or parent figures and children of marriageable age are having a status quo social year. Again, marrieds will most likely stay married and singles will most likely stay single.

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