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astral chart

An astrological analysis is comparable to a psychological analysis, but with the advantage of using a method that has been proven over thousands of years and that, in essence, has not changed since its inception.
It is not a speculative method, but a cosmic language that refers to the essence of human nature and always remains the same despite the alterations that civilizations and cultures on our planet may experience.
The Natal Chart is a map of the sky just as a newborn baby would see it from its cradle, except that it also includes the invisible half of the cosmos which would be below the horizon.
Symbolically, the central circle of the map represents the Earth, where we are.

What can a Natal Chart do for me?

The Astral Chart is an extensive and detailed document that reveals the most important facets of our lives.

Each planet in the Natal Chart represents a function in your personality. You will be able to know which planet governs a certain aspect in order to balance energies that you have in excess or in deficit.

natal chart

The Natal Chart provides a holistic view of the personality, and provides important lessons to be learned in this incarnation for all those who take into account past lives and the evolutionary path of the soul.

A chart translates complex astrological symbols, offering us a broader view of our life, talents, relationships, challenges and opportunities.

We will discover the most intimate aspects of our being.

More than 25 pages containing valuable astrological information that will reveal aspects of your life that you did not know.

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natal chart
astral chart